8. May 2022

Tou, Stavanger (Norway)

Tou is a contemporary arts and culture centre in Stavanger, Norway.

Tou are based in an old beer brewery, and it was once the largest company in Stavanger, employing thousands of people. Tou is first and foremost a meeting place between art and people. Tou knows that art is created where and when people meet other people, and facilitates thereafter. Tou are a venue for concerts, performing arts and exhibitions, but essentially also a production facility. In 2019 Tou hosted over 450 events, but out of 13000sqm, over 9000sqm is reserved for artistic production. Over 200 tenants rent a space and work at Tou on a daily basis.We work with contemporary art as our main activity, and have become the largest independent art and culture centre in Norway, and are continually gaining recognition nationally, as well as in an European context. Tou provides a simple apartment suitable for one person or a couple in walking distance to Tou. It includes wifi, basic kitchenware and washing machine. The working facilities consists of a private desk and access to other projectspaces if needed. Tou offers a vivid atmosphere as part of the existing interdisciplinary environment.

More information: touofficial.com

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