Jana Micenková

Jana Micenková

Residency place

Skriduklaustur, Island

Jana Micenková works in literature, radio and theatre. For her theatre play “Nekrogames” she won the Slovak Literary Fund Award for the best dramatic text (2013) and the VEJK AP Award for Young Playwrights (2012). Jana Micenková is the author of other award-winning dramatic texts, such as “Reconstruction of the Janko Rybárik Case” (2019) and “Mindfuck” (2020), which was published in the GREEN DRAMA collection of contemporary dramatic texts. For Radio Devín, Jana Micenková created original radio plays “Mr. Hybš does not live here” (2020) and “Roots” (2021). In the genre of prose, Jana Micenková debuted with the short story collection “Sweet Life” (2018). Her second book is a psychological novel “Blood is Just Water” (2021), which deals with the analysis of the emergence of a violent act and the disintegration of a dysfunctional family. Both of Jana Micenkova’s books have been nominated for the prestigious Anasoft Litera Award.

During her residency in Iceland, Jana Micenkova worked on a new novel entitled “Edda for Grandma”. The novel is a narrative about the author’s grandmother, which in a fragmented form deals with the themes of intergenerational relationships between women, the dying of a loved one and the cycle of life.

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